Virtual Induction Ceremony
Veronica was born in Guyana and is a Six-Degree Black Belt.
She is one of Canada’s Top Female Fighters; and in 1988 and 1989 won the Ontario’s Amateur Athlete of the Year Awards.
In 1999 Veronica became the first woman to be inducted in the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has won numerous championships in her competitive years.
Veronica works hard and gives back to the local community.
She has earned the title Kwan Jan Nim which means Master Instructor / Master of One’s House.
Veronica has been teaching Martial Arts for 3 decades. She established her school DeSantos Premier Martial Arts in 1988 and currently has 3 locations in Scarborough.
Her true passion is teaching, watching her students achieve their goals and teaching self defence and anti-bullying courses for a variety of organizations.
Veronica also supports children in Niagara Falls, one of poorest communities in Ontario.
She is also passionate about giving back to communities in her native Guyana.
DeSantos Premier Martial Arts holds Annual Fundraising Walks in the spring.
There is the 5 km Friendship Walk from Main & Gerrard to Broadview & Gerrard and the 4 day 145 km walk from Toronto To Niagara Falls.
For more info please visit Veronica's website